Thanks for amazing poem!

Yesterday I came back from Beverly Hills. I had surgery and I look amazing! New stomach and new butt 😉

I will be back in business February 6th.

I had Scott a caring client who wrote me an uplifting poem for me. I wanted to share this poem with you all.

“You may be a bit sore, black and blue, on your way to a new tighter and uplifted you. Stay positive, as the discomfort will soon pass, stay focused on your newly enhanced ass.

You may have relocated some of your front to your rear. Hard to imagine you making it any more dear. With the front now in the back, a bit more you will be towing.

Don’t get confused whether you are coming or going.

You may have to wear a name tag, so I will recognize you next time…”

That was soooo sweet! You guys are amazing!

Thanks Scott.

Xoxo Jessica